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Gas Safety Course: Train to become a Gas Engineer in 2017

Have you recently finished a plumbing qualification?

Or are you an experienced Plumber that wants to become Gas Safe?

Come to Able Skills and get started with your training in 2017. Starting with the three week Managed Learning Programme that gives you three weeks of practical and theory based training.

Over the last few years the Gas Safe Register have cracked down on illegal, unqualified gas engineers and have raised awareness about how dangerous gas work can be. Many ‘gas engineers’ have been given fines and in some cases prison sentences for carrying out illegal and unsafe gas work in people’s homes.

Unsafe gas work can be extremely dangerous with chances of gas leaks, carbon monoxide poisoning, explosions and fires. This is exactly why homeowners and landlords need to make sure they are calling out a Gas Safe Registered Engineer to carry out their gas work.

Also, the dangers that can come with gas work means that every Gas engineer needs to have the right qualifications and the right training. At Able Skills, we make sure all our students get the best training to make a start in the gas industry.

Gas Safety Course in 2017 at Able Skills, call 01322 280202. Gas Safety Course in 2017 at Able Skills, call 01322 280202.

Our gas courses start with a three week training course and then the portfolio begins and we also offer portfolio placement for Able Skills students. You are then able to complete ACS assessments at Able Skills.

We also allow people that do not have any previous plumbing qualifications to complete our gas courses, however, they will begin with a one week course of pipe skills. Our various packages offer different routes to fit the preference of the student. All our gas training packages can be found on our website.

Within the last few months we have opened a brand new gas training centre that has allowed us to run more gas courses and pipe skills courses. Due to high demand for our gas courses having a new gas training facility meant we can offer more courses on a regular basis.

Here is a video from one of our current gas courses going on at Able Skills. Gas Instructor, Richard gives a fantastic demonstration of Flue Flow Testing to his students.

If you are interested in becoming a Gas Safe Registered Engineer, then please contact us today on 01322 280202. You can also come down to our centre in Dartford, you will not need an appointment, just come down and we will be more than happy to show you around our gas centres and discuss our courses with you.