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Gas Safety: Don’t put homes at risk with unsafe gas work

Gas Safe have been raising awareness of the dangers the can come with gas appliances that have been fitted incorrectly and unsafely by unqualified Gas Engineers. Gas Safety is very important because unsafe gas appliances can cause gas leaks, carbon monoxide poisoning, fires and explosions.

Over the last two years’ lots of homes have been put at risk by people carrying out work on gas appliances when they aren’t qualified to do so. This is illegal to do this and some people have received prison sentences due to this. Gas Safety is very important because lots of home owners don’t fully understand the risks that come with unsafe gas work.

If you are planning to carry put plumbing and gas work you need to make sure you have the required training and qualifications. Our courses at Able Skills are the perfect starting point. We offer a three week gas managed learning programme, also we offer an extra week at the beginning for those who haven’t got any previous plumbing qualifications.

It is vitally important that homeowners are aware of Gas Safety. It is vitally important that homeowners are aware of Gas Safety.

We also offer portfolio placement to our students, so they can go out and complete their gas portfolio with our gas engineer. Making sure you receive the right training at the right training centre is vital to your new career. If you are not trained properly or you don’t have the correct qualifications, you are putting people at risk as you will be carrying out unsafe gas work in their homes. This will also mean you are carrying out work illegal which will ruin your career.

It isn’t just gas engineers that need to be well aware of gas safety, so do the homeowners. Gas Safe have said that Brits are far too trusting when it comes to calling out a gas engineer, as they do not understand the risks of gas work. Homeowners need to be aware of the dangers that unsafe gas appliances can bring and they need to make sure they are paying a Gas Safe Registered Engineer to carry out the work. You can search the Gas Safety Register here.

If you would like to train the right way to become a Gas Safe Registered Engineer, then please call 01322 280202 today and book a course for 2017!