Can You Spot The Silent Killer?


Can you spot the silent killer? As Gas Safety Week is officially underway, Gas Safe have launched a new video highlighting how easy it is to miss something that can't be seen, tasted or smelt. Have a look at the video below which shows an innocent family being exposed to the dangers of gas through naivety.

This in a nutshell is exactly what the Gas Safe Register aims to accomplish - making sure that absolutely everyone knows the true threats that can occur through faulty work. Such campaign is held annually as they aim to bridge the gap between being completely oblivious and staying in the know.

Being dubbed as a 'silent killer', carbon monoxide poisoning poses great danger to homes all over as facts from Gas Safe reveal 76% are likely to own a smoke alarm while less than half, at 46% of people, will bother with a carbon monoxide alarm. Surely in this day and age everyone now has such safety measure in place? Apparently not! And until the public change their tune, Gas Safe will continue to be very vocal about its' dangers.

Let's remind ourselves!

Unsafe gas appliance = risk of carbon monoxide. Why the reminder? Because in a survey of 2,000 UK Adults, it turns out that only 19% know it's impossible to detect a gas leak without an alarm, while 30% of people were unaware that carbon monoxide is a gas you cannot see, smell or taste!... Pretty shocking figures really?

As the 8th annual Gas Safety Week commences, the impact of the above video is sure to publicise such facts and we hope it does too! If you work within Gas then this is one of the first things you're told, especially if you've undergone the relevant Gas Training Courses.

Here's what Gas Safe's CEO Jonathan Samuel had to say on the topic:

Carbon monoxide poisoning is known as the silent killer because you can’t see it, taste it or smell it. Our research shows that lots of people aren’t aware of the symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning or how to know if their gas appliance isn’t working safely. This Gas Safety Week we’re helping people find out more about how to keep their homes gas safe and reminding everyone to not cut corners when it comes to getting their gas appliances checked on an annual basis.”

With today being day one of this year's Gas Safe Week, expect alot more info over the next few days with tips and necessary news!