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Gas students training the right way

Once again our gas courses at Able Skills are full and all the students are looking to get the right training and qualifications to be able to carry out safe gas work.

It is a well known fact that there are far too many people around the UK working as gas engineers without the correct training or qualifications, this means that they are carrying out illegal gas work.

Illegal gas work can prove to be very dangerous if fitted incorrectly. If a gas engineer is not trained correctly and safely, they run the risk of completing unsafe work. This could lead to gas fires, explosions and carbon monoxide poisoning.

Would you really want to be responsible for the injury or even death of someone because you didn't get the right training and qualification?

Richard is one of our gas instructors here at Able Skills and he doesn't offer any shortcuts to his students. Each student is taught the right way so they learn how to carry out the work correctly and safely.

If you are carrying out gas work and you are not on the Gas Safe Register, then you could be at risk of a prison sentence.

Richard has currently got a group of gas students that are just finishing week two of their gas course. They have all done very well so far and they are all very happy with the training and guidance they have received.

Here is Richard going through a demonstration with the group on 'How to analyse the combustion performance of a new high efficiency boiler' then you can see some of the students actually completing the task themselves. 

Contact us at Able Skills in Dartford on 01322 280202 for more information on how to get the right gas training.