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Gas Training Courses: Another Week Done For The Boiler Fault Finding Course!

This week has not only seen our Home Study Electrical Course students in, but we've seen many students who were previously on our Gas Training Courses back for the exclusive Boiler Fault Finding Course!

A course like the Boiler Fault Finding Course is vital for anyone looking to work on boilers and is of course included in one of our several Gas Training Courses! Students who enroll onto of the the relevant packages will be given a spot on this course to develop specialist skills that many Gas Engineers in the industry simply don't have. Putting you ahead of the competition, you're welcome to inquire about this course whether you pop down for a look around the centre or even give us a call.

Here's what you'll be trained on

gas training courses The Boiler Fault Finding Course in action!

Boiler Fault Finding:

  • Multimeter training
  • Electrical Safety tests
  • Testing pumps
  • Testing switches
  • Testing fans
  • Fan switches
  • Temperature sensors and stats
  • Diverter Valves
  • Domestic Heat Exchangers
  • Expansion Vessels

Wiring & Heating Controls:

  • 3 Port 2 Port rigs
  • Frost Protection
  • S.I. Programmers
  • Zone Valves
  • Sequence of Wiring
  • Fault Finding

Simon Hatton

Very informative, learnt a lot and cleared up a lot of important issues. Was definitely good to go through S & Y plan wiring and boiler controls

Overall rating - Excellent

Nathan Gehlot

Very good teacher. Very patient and very in depth in the description of everything.

Overall rating - Excellent

Jeremy Withers

gas training courses Able Skills Gas Training Courses are Bpec Approved

A fantastic course covering various technical elements. Perfectly delivered by the tutor! Thank you

Overall rating - Excellent

Sean Goff

Very knowledgeable tutor. All questions answered. Will definitely be back to do another course.

Overall rating - Excellent

If you would like to enroll onto the Boiler Fault Finding Course, then please click here. Alternatively, if you would like more information on the Gas Training Courses we offer, please click here.