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Gas training is next for our Plumbing students

Monday saw the beginning of a new group starting the three week Gas Managed Learning programme and this is being taught by one of our excellent gas instructors, Richard.


After a week of pipe-skills training for some of these students they are now ready to begin their gas course. They will be learning the ins and outs of the gas industry and how to work and test a range of different gas appliances.

Also, a lot of the group have previously complete the Level 2 Plumbing course and they are now ready to move onto their gas training. And, of course Richard has made them work hard and made the course enjoyable from day one.

Getting the correct gas training is so important, not just because it can affect your career, but it can also put the lives of people your are working for at risk. Poorly fitted gas appliances or appliances that are not checked properly can be a massive risk for people. Leaking gas can cause carbon monoxide poisoning and also gas explosions.

Getting the incorrect training and achieving the wrong qualifications can put you and others at risk. Also, attempting gas work when you haven't received any training can be extremely bad as the risk for mistakes is higher.

This is why when you are training you must look for a training centre that offers training with the appropriate awarding body and also when you are hiring a gas engineer you need to make sure they are gas safe before they complete any work in your home. You can check all this on the Gas Safe website.

Our students are working very hard to make sure they achieve the qualification and get the right training to be able to complete correct and safe gas work.

Here is a video of Richard demonstrating to his new students how to test warm air gas appliances.