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Get a Construction NVQ

Begin that new career and start by achieving a construction NVQ in one of the many construction trades availabe and it can all be achieved with Able Skills.

If you are looking to begin a new career in the construction industry and you are planning to work on-site, make sure you do your research. No worker will get work on a building site without a valid CSCS Card and a construction NVQ.

To be able to get a CSCS card to work on-site you need to achieve an NVQ qualification in your chosen trade. Getting the right training and achieving the right qualifications are vital for anyone looking to start working on a building site.

All building companies will require their workers to have a construction NVQ to work on-site and to achieve this you will need to get the right training.

In recent years, the construction industry has been cracking down on people working on building sites without the correct CSCS card or qualifications. Due to high numbers of people working on new houses or larger properties without the correct training or qualifications.

Here at Able Skills we offer NVQ level qualifications and training in all the construction trades. Whether you are looking to become a Bricklayer, Carpenter or even a Plasterer, we have the NVQ course available.

We offer the NVQ in tiling, bricklaying, carpentry, decorating and plastering. We don't just do the construction NVQ's at Able Skills, we also offer NVQ's in electrics and plumbing. Each course will give you training in the chosen trade and then you will carry out various assessments and then our assessors will come out and assess you in the workplace.

Get a construction NVQ at Able Skills in all the construction trades. Get a construction NVQ at Able Skills in all the construction trades.

We also offer an Experience Worker Route, this allows construction workers with five or more years’ experience in a particular trade, but haven’t got an NVQ to gain an NVQ through a profiling session and assessments.

So, whether you are an experienced worker or a complete newbie to the industry, we have the courses available for you to gain a construction NVQ.

Once you have achieved the construction NVQ you can then apply for a CSCS card that will gain you access to work on-site, without one you will not get any work on-site.

If you are interested in starting a new career and achieving a construction NVQ, please contact us today on 0808 100 3245 for more information.