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Get A New Career In 2012

electrical coursesAble Skills are back from our Christmas break and are happy to welcome new and existing groups of electrical courses trainees.We have two groups of C&G 2330 level 2 students starting early 2012 plus our current level 2 group coming back for their level 3 Electrical course in January.

Able Skills' electrical courses are looking busy and we're already off to a good start as we had the opportunity to refurbish our Electrical centre before Christmas.Our dedicated electrical centre now has nicely painted classrooms, new tools etc so we are really looking forward to a fresh new start.We also have some other Electrical courses starting next year so watch this space for some AM2 news - Dartford AM2 Centre will be available in our brand new premises.Able Skills is certainly the place to make a start on a career in Construction or Building Services.Anyone looking for a change should feel free to come and visit us in Dartford, see what we do and how we can help you make any changes in your career - No appointment required - everyone is welcome.