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Government urging more women to take trade skills training

The Government is said to be set to send out a parent information pack to open new career pathways for young girls.

The pack will help parents talk to daughters about their careers, ambitions and achievements. The move is part of a campaign to move away from perceptions of traditional ‘male jobs’ and to encourage more women into roles such as engineering, trades and managerial positions.

Previews of the report say it will claim that opening up career pathways for young women will boost the economy by 10 per cent between now and 2030. It is also suggested that if women were to set up their own companies at the same rate as their male counterparts, there would be more than a million additional entrepreneurs.

The pack could include careers guidance for parents so that they help their daughters stay open-minded about work and don't grow up to presume that certain jobs or industries are not really open to them.

Some people stereotypically believe that jobs such as plumber, builder, electrician, decorator and tiler are more open to men but an increasing amount of women are taking training in these roles and pursuing a career in such industries.

Culture Secretary Maria Miller is quoted as saying: “Encouraging women to fulfil their potential doesn’t begin when they are already working, it starts when they are young, still at school.”

She added: “A vital part of future career success is the aspirations that girls have early in their lives, and the choices they make about subjects and qualifications. Parents are vital in helping girls make these choices, and we know that many parents want help with that.”