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35% of Graduates wished they hadn’t bothered with University…

Able Skills carried out a survey that asked 1,000 graduates how they felt about their new degrees. 36% of the recent graduates said their degree was a waste of time and 34% are actually embarrassed by their degree. Also, 35% told us that they wished they hadn’t gone to University at all and opted for a different career path. Many graduates have admitted to never using their Degree in their working life.

Able Skills’ Managing Director, Gary Measures said this about the survey:

“Evidently, further education is not the best career route for everyone and is such an investment that young people seriously need to consider their skill set and future before taking on such a commitment.

More needs to be done to educate young people on the other options available to prevent another generation making the same mistakes when they could be earning and on a career ladder.”

The survey carried out by ourselves has been hot topic among major newspapers and magazines, including, Forbes Magazine and the Glasgow Evening Times. It shows that many young people are going into University without looking at the bigger picture and their own future. The idea of going to University to give yourself a chance of a better future is something that pushes many young people into deciding something they don’t want to do.

Here at Able Skills we have seen an increase in many people that have degrees under their belt but are now rethinking their career due to the lack of opportunities their degree offers them. The construction industry is becoming a more popular route into the next stage of young people’s lives. With work available on building sites across the country, getting a qualification in construction can be seen as a fantastic investment.

With the skills shortage ongoing in the Construction Industry it opens the door for many more jobs and working opportunities for people looking for a good and steady career path. University is seen as a pathway to a great job, however, sometimes they are low skilled, whereas skilled construction workers can earn great salaries with lots of work available, without racking up thousands worth of debt.

If you are thinking of your future career, consider all areas before jumping into a Degree that could be a waste of money and time. Contact Able Skills today on 0808 100 3245 for more information on how to get training in the construction industry.