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Great Advice And A Special Hello From Billy!

Great Advice And A Special Hello From A Familiar Face!


Just recently our Tiling Instructor (Terry) and Decorating student (Nicky) volunteered as they helped transform the home of a deserving family on an edition of the BBC One Series, 'DIY SOS: The Big Build'. Having the opportunity to do so is a privilege and when catching up with the both of them, they told us exactly how good it feels to give back to the chosen family considering their current situation. Both Terry and Nicky worked day and night to make sure all work was done by the time the famous 'big reveal' came about and we can't wait for everyone to see what an amazing job all the tradesmen did!

We were lucky enough to be able to chat with Billy himself and other members of the crew working effortlessly to make a family's dream come true. Billy was even kind enough to give a special hello (see above) to our students here as he understands just how enjoyable and massively important learning a trade can be. As you all know, Billy went down the route of being an electrician and we can all agree just how well he's done. When speaking with him he told us that he started out in electrics from a very young age as he left school and never looked back. He even told us that once he gained enough experience, he went straight to work out in Spain - just one of the perks of learning a trade. After gaining so much experience, Billy now has arguably one of the most rewarding jobs within the construction industry as he travels all over the country working with local tradesmen to give yet another deserving family their dream home.

terry and billy Terry and Billy

So why is learning a trade such a big deal?

Well learning a trade in the UK right now puts in very high demand as our country suffers from a skills shortage as we struggle to keep up with demand.  One example in which this is apparent stems from the continuous building of new homes. We recently spoke about the country's plan to build yet another 650,000 which in turn creates alot of work for not only electricians, but for all other trades too. If you don't see the future in your current role, rest assured, undergoing construction training certainly will.

Learning a trade as a means to doing something we enjoy is one thing, but doing something we enjoy which makes us a good living is simply a bonus. Obviously, the more qualifications we hold, the higher our wages go too. It was just this summer when we reported that the industry is expecting to see more than a 5% salary increase by 2020!

The pay rise was sparked by negotiations between employers and the trade union Unite. Representing industry employers was The Building Engineering Services Association (BESA) who have managed to agree a hourly rate increase of 2.5% which started just last month and will be followed by another 2.75% increase in a years time.

Paula Samuels (BESA head of employment affairs) said:

“A very positive collaborative spirit has developed between the negotiating parties over recent years. This has allowed us to reach a conclusion that is fair and in the interests of both the employers and the operatives, who provide the skills that are vital to our industry and its clients.”

Learning a trade seems like a brighter idea than ever before and we hope Terry, Nicky and Billy have all encouraged you guys to learn the trade you've been wanting to as the rewards speak for themselves. Why hesitate when you can make a financially good living doing something you enjoy as well as feeling like you're giving back to the those who truly deserve your help? Make a start today!



Please note Able Skills are not endorsed by the BBC, Terry and Nicky volunteered for the show.