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Great Results With Our 18th Edition Course!

18th edition course An 18th Edition Class at Able Skills

With the latest wiring regulations making their way into the law as of January this year, many Electricians and those who deal with electrical installations have made sure they book their 18th Edition Course in as they won't be getting paid without it!

The chances are that you already know that without such qualification, you cannot legally carry out any electrical installations and therefore will not be able to undergo any work you usually would. Many students have previous knowledge of the 17th Edition, but there have been many changes since.

Some of these include the following:

  • The requirements on SPD (surge protection device) consideration and usage have been revised.
  • There are new requirements for AFDDs (arc fault detection devices) have been considered.
  • Requirements for cabling support and fixings have changed.
  • More emphasis has been placed on protective devices being selected properly and working together in a system.
  • There have been some changes applying to work within special locations.
  • There is a new appendix on energy efficiency.

With the changes set in stone, we've had students attend our 18th Edition Course since July last year when it was first introduced and it's safe to say we've had many students successfully pass.

It's nice to know that they're happy with the teaching on this theory based course as we hear what a previous student had to say about their time on the 3 day course below...

T. Fahey

“I thought 3 days was short however I passed which meant 3 days was great. Again, quality teaching from Andy. Patient and effective explanations.”

Overall Rating - Excellent

The course has proven very popular with many firms here at Able Skills as the general consensus is that the tradesmen who work together, prefer to train together and that's why we launched...

Group Bookings

18th edition course An 18th Edition Course Pack at Able Skills

Need to get your guys all qualified? Able Skills caters for group bookings should you and your firm wish to under go the 18th Edition Course at once. Our training centres have a great deal of space to host your entire firm and even allows you guys to take the exam together in our dedicated exam room.

Here are a couple reasons why group bookings can be a great idea:

  • The same training means they can refer the course back to each other at a later date
  • Giving each other advice
  • An industry expert instructor dedicated entirely to you and your firm
  • Get it all done at the same time

So if you haven't booked your 18th Edition Course in yet, please click here for all available dates. Should you wish to make a group booking, please call us on 0808 100 3245 to see what we can do for you.