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Green energy training is 'important' for energy saving

Those looking to embark on green energy training courses might be interested to read the comments of one construction expert, who believes that the key to energy-efficient properties is their initial structure.

Kymenski Kemp, founder and president of Caribbean Greensafe, a construction, consulting and development firm, told Tribune Business that buildings could save 30-50 per cent more energy if builders were to focus more on the basic framework of houses.

Mr Kemp recently set up his company as "a one-stop shop" for the supply, design and development of eco-friendly building materials, homes and structures.

"It's very feasible to be in the 30 to 50 per cent [energy] savings range without going to alternative energy sources yet and, in some cases, you can even leapfrog that - up to 60 to 70 per cent," he stated.

In related news, an innovative new indoor climate solution for small and medium-sized buildings was recently launched by WindowMaster in an attempt to save enough energy to reduce carbon dioxide emissions.