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Green Energy Training Scheme Reflects Growing Skills Demand.

A new training programme for the development of green energy training in key electrical and plumbing skills - solar heating, heat pumps, PV solar and water recycling systems - has just recently been announced by SummetSkills.Once more, highlighting the ever-growing demand for professionally trained and qualified plumbers and electricians ableskilled in green energy installation, the approval of their Joint Investment Programme will support skills development by offering funding to buy the skills employers need, with the provider they choose.Aimed at areas critical to economic recovery and future growth, over 130 sector businesses will benefit by half of their green technology training costs being met by July 2011. This means that building services employers will be supported by the accredited training programme, enabling business opportunities to be undertaken in this rapidly expanding area.According to Summetskills, despite an increase in both interest and all-round take up of renewables technologies, there is a shortage of trained and qualified professional personnel in the UK to cope with any unexpected, increased demand over the next two years.The future potential for both the plumbing and electrical industries is set for a phenomenal rise as the urgency for energy saving and emission reduction combined with the financial benefits continue to take hold across UK households. All those now looking to train as a plumber, will need to also see that it looks more and more essential that becoming qualified to both advise on green energy and install the new technology systems will be crucial to their future career advancement.AbleSkills offer purpose built classroom workshops, specifically designed to teach the differing types of renewable energy systems, which not all training centres are properly equipped or fully accredited to offer. Students are uniquely placed to obtain one-to-one tuition from industry experienced tutors in their own plumbing project area.Once the basic NVQ Plumbing 6129 level 2 training is completed, a student will be able to progress onto the NVQ level 3 and from there to courses which will add to their knowledge categories.