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Gregg Harding's experience on his Qualified Plumber Gas Training Course

Gregg Harding's experience on his Qualified Plumber Gas Training Course


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home study plumbing courseThe Qualified Plumber Gas Training Course holds the key to becoming a Gas Engineer through an exclusive route only available to those that have undergone previous plumbing courses. Today brings an end to such 5 week Gas Training Course and we decided to catch up with student Gregg Harding who came from a completely different industry to begin his journey working within Gas.

So what did you do before this course?


I was a prison officer and had worked in various prisons around southern England. After doing that for 15 years I decided I wanted a change of careers as it began to takes it's toll on me. Don't get me wrong I really enjoyed helping the inmates and worked with some great people I still speak to today, but it became repetitive and I wanted a new challenge. That's why I came to Able Skills to learn Plumbing and Gas.

For those that are thinking of Plumbing and Gas Courses, what skills were you able to transfer over to Gas?


Well I enrolled on the City & Guilds Level 2 Plumbing Course and there is obviously an emphasis on pipe skills as you can imagine. This was the first thing I was able to use to my advantage, as well as the knowledge I gained of heating systems and their associated controls. I really felt like I started a step ahead of everyone else when I began my Gas Training as I almost knew what to expect.

And how easy was it to transfer such skills?


Not only was I shown a lot, but I picked it up really quickly and applied it to the practical tasks. I would definitely say it was a positive transfer of skills from one course to another. Something else that specifically help me in particular was that I already had a good mechanical concept through working with various tools in the past. I have to say the transition from my Plumbing Course to Gas Training Course was very smooth.

Sounds like you've had a good experience on the Qualified Plumber Gas Training Course!... What would you say was the most challenging part?


I'd have to say learning the vast array of gas safety controls found within domestic appliances and having to identify and test all of them was the most challenging part. Dealing with gas you can imagine the amount of detail you're shown as safety is a major issue when it comes to this industry. Luckily, the teacher Sam was tremendously helpful as he gave good analogies when it come to explaining new things.

What impressed you the most about the course?


Well there are a few things. I have to say the teaching, facilities and course structure. The way the Gas Training was organised so I could do 5 weeks rather than the New Entrant's 7 week training was clever too and I'm happy with everything I learnt. We all had alot of space to learn and if there was anything we were unsure of, Sam would take the time to help us and was by our side through the entire course.

Great to hear! What are your plans now?


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Well now I've done my Plumbing and Gas, I have booked my City & Guilds Level 2 Electrical Course for later this year. I knew Able Skills was capable of delivering all three when I came to look around the centre prior to booking my Plumbing Course. I was really impressed with the size and organisation of the centre and considering they've been operating for so many years I would be somewhat foolish to go else where.

I also look forward to beginning my work portfolio and undertaking my ACS Exams too!

Wow! Great story by former prison officer Gregg Harding. It's nice to see so many people coming from different backgrounds enrolling on so many different courses. If you would like to follow Gregg and find out more about the different courses we offer, click below!