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Guidance for the Gas Training Industry

Have you ever wondered how a gas training provider decides on the content of the gas course that they are planning to deliver?

gas training New guidelines for gas training

In some instances, gas course content can be based on an instructors knowledge of the industry and from there, course content will be devised to meet such requirements however when it comes to gas training, there are certain standards that need to be met and particular content that needs to be included and backed up with relevant documents.

In 2014, IGEM produced a document to act as guidance for training providers:

IGEM/IG/1 Communication 1767

Standards of training in gas work

Criteria and guidance in the development and delivery of training programmes in gas work

Taken from this document:

This gas industry document ‘Standards of training in gas work’, referenced in L56 paragraph 87 has been prepared by a Working Group which included representatives from the Strategic Management Board (SMB) and Standards Consultation Forum facilitated by the Institution of Gas Engineers and Managers (IGEM) and Energy & Utility Skills with industry stakeholder support.

The document has been approved by the SMB and IGEM’s Technical Coordinating Committee and published after consultation with industry, Gas Safe Register and the Health and Safety Executive (HSE).

This gas industry document provides criteria and guidance to training providers, trainee gas engineers and employers on the scope, standards and quality of training required to enable a gas engineer to achieve competence. The training provider is required to design and develop training programmes to meet the needs of the trainee, taking account of their level of skill, knowledge and experience of gas work.

The objective of the document is to provide the gas industry with an agreed structure for those entering and continuing to work in the industry, along with those providing training, a clear, robust route to achieve well trained and knowledgeable persons able to undertake safe gas work.


Able Skills has been delivering gas training programmes for a number of years and we have dealt with several certificating bodies over this time, finally settling with BPEC whom we work very closely with. Over these years we have continued to scrutinise the programmes we deliver, make changes where appropriate and eventually increased the duration of the course to meet the standards of this IGEM document.

It is so important to have the IGEM guidance which states:

Gas work should only be undertaken:

(a) by a person, who has successfully completed an industry-recognised training course followed by assessment of competence. Training that leads to assessment of competence in safe gas work should be recognised by the industry’s standards setting body, or

(b) in the case of a currently or previously registered person, where they have proved competence through a certification scheme; or

(c) for those working at premises that fall outside the scope of the Regulations (see regulation 2(4) and associated guidance), by a person who has successfully completed an appropriate full training course followed by assessment of competence.

Training should be of a standard to enable a gas engineer to achieve competence in the safe installation, purging, commissioning, testing, servicing, maintenance, repair, disconnection, modification and dismantling of the gas systems, fittings and appliances with which they are working. This should include an adequate knowledge of:

(a) relevant associated services such as water and electricity

b) the potential exposure to asbestos

(c) the dangers they may give rise to

(d) the precautions to take.

Where some training providers may be in the process of re-vamping their gas courses to meet these standards, Able Skills is ahead of the game and our gas courses already adhere to the guidance and requirements of this IGEM document, additionally, our course is certificated by BPEC. It is in fact BPEC that have been the driving force behind getting all their gas training centres to deliver the best possible courses they can to comply with IGEM.

Certification for Able Skills/BPEC gas course can only be achieved once you have shown competence ‘off the job’ (whilst in centre on the course) and shown competence ‘on the job’ (whilst out with your Gas Safe Registered Engineer). Once the training certificate is awarded to you, you are then eligible to book your ACS – Accredited Certification Scheme. Once you have achieved ACS, you are then in a position to register with Gas Safe or work for a company that is already Gas Safe registered.

Able Skills offers 2 different gas training courses – the course suited to each individual is based on whether that person has a recognised plumbing qualification or not.

We can also arrange placements with Gas Safe Registered Engineers for those of you who cannot source this yourselves.

In addition, we also offer a Boiler Fault Finding / Heating Controls course for those candidates who can see the benefits of learning more and having a better understanding of boilers and their faults and potential repairs and remedies.

The best advice we can give is to recommend that you choose a course that meets the guidelines set by IGEM and a course that provides recognised certification once completed. If the training provider you choose cannot offer this then the chances are that you are on the wrong course and potentially may find yourself having to do another course elsewhere later down the line.


Gas kills, so let’s get this right everyone.


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