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Hand Tools or Power Tools - Which is better?

Carpentry has been around for a long, long time, in fact it is one of the oldest trades around and it is still vitally important to all building work. However, tools have developed along with technology and power tools have become extremely popular, but which are better hand tools or power tools?


There isn’t a right or wrong answer to this question as it is simply a matter of opinion, but of course in some circumstances certain tools will need to be used. That is why as a Carpenter it is vital you are trained in using both, because some circumstances could approach you where you need to adapt with different tools.

One of our carpentry instructors has 40 years’ experience working as a Carpenter and he has been taught using both tools since the age of 15 and he said “when the opportunity is there to use a power tool, I will always use the power tool over a hand tool because it makes the job quicker and easier”. However, using power tools isn’t always available as you may have no electricity supply and a hand tool will need to be used.

dick This carpentry student has mastered the hand tools

Some people will only get taught how to use power tools and this will limit them to what work they are able to complete because if they come up with a situation where a hand tool needs to be used that will become stuck and won’t be able to complete the job. Hand tools have the ability to complete exactly the same job as power tools but can sometimes take a lot longer and take up valuable time, but this doesn’t mean they should be ignored completely and not used.

Some people will prefer using hand tools and some people will prefer using power tools as it saves time. It is all different opinions and what people feel more comfortable and confident with. However, it is obvious that you need to be able to complete jobs with either hand tools or power tools because flexibility means you can complete more jobs in different circumstances.

Nico has found a passion for power tools. Nico has found a passion for power tools.

Neither sets of tools are better it is just a case of when you choose to use the right tools for the right job or circumstance you are in. This is why at Able Skills we have a range of hand and power tools so our students get taught using both. The reason for this is so our students leave us with skills to tackle any job with any tool in any situation.