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Handy man course for James!

James is no stranger to the construction industry, he has been working in property maintenance for a few years now, however, he feels the time has come for him to venture out on his own and become self-employed.


Only last week James finished the first course of his Handy man courses, he had just completed one week of plumbing and that is just one of many trades that James will be gaining skills in within the next few months.

Like a lot of construction workers, they enjoy being their own boss and being self-employed, which is exactly what James has in mind. After a few years working for a company, James now feels it is the right time to get some training in different trades and go out and work for himself.

The option of working for himself means he can manage his work life around his personal life much easier, which will allow him to spend more time with his family at home. He will be able to work his own hours that fit his needs and with his new skills he hopes to be very successful.

James is looking to start working in property development and maintenance with his new skills and this will allow him to work for himself and do the jobs he wants to do.

He will be completing another five courses at Able Skills, which include, carpentry, tiling, painting & decorating, plastering and finally bricklaying. Obviously, James has already completed plumbing so he will have a wide range of skills he can offer.

The introduction to plumbing course really grabbed his attention as he had never done any plumbing work before. He found the whole plumbing course really fun and was very happy with what he learnt from his instructor.

James is now back in May to complete a week of carpentry training at Able Skills, as he looks to start his new self-employed career.

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