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Hannah And Why She's On The Home Study Electrical Course!

home study electrical course Hannah On The Level 2 Home Study Electrical Course

Just yesterday we spoke about how a Home Study Electrical Course remains at the forefront of flexible training for anyone interested in a new career. Well today we spoke to recent student Hannah on exactly why she chose to head over into the electrical industry and what it was about the Home Study option that appealed to her the most.

Hannah is currently undergoing the City & Guilds accredited Level 2 Home Study Electrical Course which allows her to gain the same qualification as the full time option of 7 weeks. In comparison, the Home Study option requires our students to be in only 4 weeks where all practical training will be held, with the theory being taught in their own time at home.

So without further ado, let's hear from Hannah her self!

Hannah, Why The Home Study Electrical Course?

Well I'm new to the trade and I wanted Electrician Training that lets me learn at my own pace. Because I get to choose which weeks I want to do my practical on, it gives me more time to take things in. I also work full time so a Home Study Electrical Course let's me keep my current role and still train towards something new.

And Why Electrics?

Well I actually work in sales for a current electrical company and since working there I began to realise it's a good trade to get into. I've been quoting a lot of Inspection and Testing jobs and slowly I was learning more and more about working within the trade and seeing as I've always liked fixings things, I knew I'd like working in something that's hands on.

The below clip shows our Home Study Electrical Courses in action!

So How Are You Finding It So Far?

It's actually better than I expected because in all honesty, I thought i'd be playing catch up because of my experience. One thing I really like about it is the fact that we're all on different levels and everyone is willing to help each other just as much as the teacher.

What About After The Course, Have You Got Any Plans?

Well after doing my Level 2, I'm going to save up for my Level 3 and my 18th Edition Course. Eventually, I obviously want to become a fully qualified Electrician and I'm hoping my current place get me involved in some of the work!

electrical courses Able Skills Home Study Electrical Courses Are City & Guilds Accredited

Even further down the line, I would love to get my Level 4 Award in Design an Verification of Electrical Installations. This is certainly one of our more advanced Electrical Courses and it's only for those who have some firm experience in working as an electrician.

It's great to see Hannah enjoying her Home Study Electrical Course so much and it's even better seeing her enthusiasm for the trade. Our Home Study Electrical Courses offer an alternative and even more flexible way of undergoing one of our prestigious Electrical Courses and Electrician Training options.

If you would like to find out more about how the Home Study Electrical Course works, please click here.