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Hardworking Plumbing students at Able Skills

Our plumbing centres are full this week with eager and hopeful plumbers learning the trade as they search for a new career. Each of our plumbing training facilities are full and every student is working very hard.

Our newly refurbished plumbing centre at Able Skills has allowed our students to use new equipment and brand new training bays to gain new skills and complete their plumbing courses. The new centre has been a huge success with a full centre of plumbing students working hard during the week and at weekends.

The plumbing courses at Able Skills have proved to be extremely popular and lots of people have chosen to start a career in plumbing, some people have even decided to retrain and become a plumber. Students at Able Skills work extremely hard along with our hardworking instructors and they achieve their goals to starting a new career.

We run a whole range of different plumbing courses here at Able Skills from short one week courses to the full Level 2 Plumbing qualification and also we offer the home study option. The homes study has become very popular with our students, because it gives them lots of flexibility with their training.

Here is some of our level 2 students working very hard in our centre this week. They are in the good hands of long serving Able Skills plumbing instructor, Jim. Jim has been working at Able Skills for a very long time and he was once a Royal Engineer in the Armed Forces. All our current plumbing students have really enjoyed being taught by Jim as he brings so much experience and knowledge.

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