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Have you considered carpentry as a career after leaving the army?

Finding a job after coming out of the army can be tricky, as the civilian workplace is a very different environment. Being amidst the cut and thrust of office politics, where disrespecting your superiors is elevated to an art form, can be a shock to the system. A desk job can also be extremely frustrating for someone who is used to constant physical activity and who has always been fit.

That is why learning new skills in a trade such as carpentry can often be a good choice when men and women leave the army. There are plenty of carpentry coursesto choose from and the benefits of such a trade are numerous. Working with wood is a very satisfying craft and you really have something to see as a result of your labour. It is a physical job, requiring fitness and dexterity and whether you work for a firm or are self-employed, you are likely to be constantly on the move.

Do not imagine that carpentry courses just teach you the practical skills either. As well as learning how to handle equipment such as the jigsaw and circular saw, you will be taught about selecting materials, making the necessary calculations and how things are constructed. Skilled carpenters are in great demand these days and it does not take very long to gain NVQ qualifications and a CSCS card.

Carpentry qualifications can open the door to more jobs, as they demonstrate your level of competence. Of course, a good tradesperson learns on the job too and the more experience you get, the better you should become.