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Have you ever considered a Home Study Electrical Course?

Have you ever considered a Home Study Electrical Course?


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The Home Study Electrical Course offers aspiring electricians out there the flexibility to train and earn at the same time! If students reading this are wondering how this is possible then simply look at the above video taken live!.... That's how!

You'll be training just like all the other students on various electrical courses who are studying full time. But here are the differences.... You can train alongside your current role so you can make sure you still have a steady wage coming in.

We understand that a lot of you guys have different responsibilities to one another and the Home Study Electrical Course helps you guys in your own ways! When speaking to alot of students on such course, students tell us the flexible learning helps them out with their new born baby on the way, their current job, family life as well as many other reasons.

Another great advantage of the Home Study Electrical Course is that you can choose which weeks you would like to train! The choice is really all yours! And don't forget, just because it's a Home Study Course, don't think it doesn't come with City & Guilds accreditation!

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