Have your say on the changes to the 18th Edition regulations!


Here at Able Skills we teach a range of Electrician courses including 18th Edition courses which aim to help students gain familiarity with the layout, content and application of the regulations. Everyone working with electrical installations should have at least a basic understanding of these guidelines. The wiring regulations are constantly changing, this latest edition came into effect in January of 2019, however, the industry believes there are some needed changes and this time they want to know the opinions of those out on the job. The IET have released a draft that is open to public comment from now until the 11th December 2020! Click here at have your say.


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Have your say on the upcoming changes to the 18th Edition Wiring Regulations!


What is the 18th Edition?


The 18th Edition or Wiring Regulations are a set of guidelines or standards that anybody working with electrical installations should follow. The IET or Institution of Engineering and Technology creates the 18th Edition or Wiring regulations to ensure that all those working with electrical installations across the country are doing so at the same standard, outlining guidelines makes sure that everyone is working towards the same level ensuring the safety of both the installer themselves and the public.


What are the changes?


It is important that these regulations are always changing and developing as technology develops and changes. This is because there will need to be guidelines for any and all new technology that affects the majority or installers. The IET or Institution of Engineering and Technology want the electricians around the country to their say on this amendment to the regulations, they want everyone within the electrotechnical industry with an opportunity to put forward their views as the following changes could affect everyone in the industry...


Some of the potential changes include:


  • The mandating of AFDDs on circuits less than 32A
  • Removal of the risk assessment method for omitting additional RCD protection on socket outlets
  • Less paperwork for EICs
  • New cut-off date for complying with the 18th Edition
  • New energy efficiency and prosumer requirements
  • New SPD requirements
  • New foundation earthing requirements
  • New protected area requirements



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