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Hey Able Skills, What Electrical Courses Are Running This Week?

Good question!

This week at Able Skills has seen several Electrical Courses all being taught at once! Each course is given its own centre and class room where practical and theoretical training take place by a designated industry expert instructor. With this week being like every other, it's not just the one course we have running. Today we'll give you guys a clearer insight into just how many Electrical Courses we hold here at Able Skills, with these being a few of the courses we got going on this week.

The City & Guilds Level 2 Electrical Course


electrical courses

The Level 2 Electrical Course is known for opening doors to the industry as the City & Guilds Accredited Course gives students the perfect insight into what they can expect from real life electrical work. This is achieved through course content, expert instructors and exceptional facilities available for all students. The above picture taken recently, shows just how intensive the course can be with students given their own bays to carry out any given practical tasks. If you're thinking of undergoing the Level 2, please don't forget that you're more than welcome to pop down any time between 8.30 and 4.30 for a look around the centre and ask as many questions as you like. That goes for all of our other Electrical Courses too! Here's a clip of the course in action...

The City & Guilds Home Study Level 2 Electrical Course


electrical courses Able Skills Electrical Courses are City & Guilds Accredited

Yep, we also offer a Home Study Option for our full time Level 2 Course. Well what's the difference? In terms of qualifications and what you're exactly taught, then there is literally no difference! The part that really stands out about this course is the fact that is allows you to pick and choose which weeks you would like to undergo your practical training. Well what about the theory side?..Here's why it's called Home Study... we send you guys out a home study pack which contains all theoretical knowledge you need to know in order to pass the course. Whenever you feel confident enough to take our in-centre exams, it's up to you to book in the days you'd like to come in on! That means a total of 4 weeks that remain for you to successfully complete your practical tasks and you can balance these around your existing job! Here's a clip of the course in action below:

The 18th Edition


18th edition courses

It's a must for anyone looking to carry out electrical installations! Well why is it a must? Because it's the LAW. As of January this year, it is no illegal to carry out electrical installations if you haven't undergone your 18th Edition training. The latest wiring regulations remain essential for aspiring electricians and those who don't risk some pretty serious penalties!

If you would like an extensive list of all of our Electrical Courses as well as further information like when we can get you booked on, please click here. In the mean time, please don't forget to check our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube channels for live course videos as well as important information!... Don't forget about our newly added 18th Edition Weekend Dates either!