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High Demand For Gas Engineers As Cold Weather Kicks In

High Demand For Gas Engineers As Cold Weather Kicks In


Gas Engineers

We are well underway in the Autumn months after what was a lovely summer and it feels as if this cold weather isn't going away any time soon. This urges us to do everything we can possible to stay warm including overlooking our heating systems as this time of year often causes panic for us when checking if our boiler is strong enough to withstand the freezing weather. Naturally, this creates alot of work for Gas Engineers as they remain on call to attend to your emergencies!

This has certainly increased the demand for Gas Engineers as we want our 'Gas Man' to arrive instantly. The surge in demand comes just after the summer months of inactivity and initially firing the boiler back up can actually cause great strain on our boiler.

It's better to be safe than sorry, or shall we say left freezing cold in your living room, as it's fair to say checking for boiler problems in advance and ahead of the winter will certainly give you piece of mind knowing you'll be coming back from a hard day's work to a nice warm house!

Interestingly enough, a recent survey conducted by Go Assist concluded that out the those that took part,  51% of people said they had their boiler serviced regularly, 25% said they didn't get their boilers serviced, while the remaining 24% said they didn't actually own a boiler.

Now it definitely helps if the tradesmen coming to save the day has qualifications and experience of repairing boilers, much like Gas Safe Registered Engineers. They may have even undergone the Boiler Fault Finding Course and would most certainly hold Gas Training Courses where they would have undergone their initial Gas Safety Training. It's quite shocking to know that there are many people out there who don't check who they're letting in their homes and we've reported and heard time and time again of a rogue trader who left a clients' home unsafe.

If you haven't had your boiler serviced yet, then you're lucky we haven't hit the peak of the winter yet. There's still time to get the boiler man round and check over your system just in time for Christmas! An up and running boiler is one of those things you don't value until it's gone!