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Home Study Courses: Level 3 Electrics

After completing the Level 2 Electrical course a lot of students go straight into the Level 3 course, however, this isn't the route that has to be taken.

A lot of students take another route of going to get some work and build up experience after finishing the Level 2 course. Eventually they will complete the Level 3 course. Finding the time for the course can be hard when working, so that is why at Able Skills we offer the home study option for both Level 2 & Level 3 electrical courses.

The Level 3 Electrical course is the next stage to becoming a fully qualified Electrician. There are three routes to go down to achieve the Level 3 qualification and this is the full time course, the weekend course and the homes study option.

This student done both Level 2 and Level 3 home study courses. This student done both Level 2 and Level 3 home study courses.

For those already working in the industry then the home study course is the perfect option, it allows you to continue to working while completing all theory work at home. Four weeks of practical training are required, however, these weeks can be broken up to allow you to fit it around your working life easily.

Also, the weekend option is available and is completed over a longer period. This allows our students to continue working and then training at the weekend.

The home study option is becoming very popular for our students at Able Skills, as they begin to work in the industry. When working they find it hard to get seven straight weeks off work, the home study option allows them to continue working and learning at the same time. It is an extremely flexible option and the cost is spread from the initial deposit to each week you come into train you make a payment.

It isn't only the Level 3 course that offers the home study option. We also offer the home study option for the Level 2 course, so people looking to begin a new career can do both courses as home study to fit their course around work. Both our big electrical courses can be done as a home study which is becoming extremely popular at Able Skills. You can also train as a Plumber with the home study option.

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