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Why our Home Study Electrical Courses continue to excel!

home study electrical coursesAt a certain point in life we may question if we're really doing what we have always wanted to do. Being our own boss, seeing work as what we love to do and enjoying everyday as it comes is what we aim to achieve. Alot of us can feel tied down at times, and with little to no options on how we can proceed with a change of career only adds to the problem. These reasons are exactly why Able Skills developed our Home Study Electrical Courses.

Such courses may be what you've been looking for as such Home Study Electrical Courses can offer you the flexibility to learn and earn as they can be completed around your current job.

Don't just take our word for it! Read on to some of our own students' opinions who enrolled themselves onto our Level 2 Home Study Electrical Course to give you a real insight into why they chose to invest in their future with us.

home study electrical coursesIgnas Jermosenka is one of the students currently in his second week of the Level 2 Home Study Electrical Course. Ignas came to us wishing to change his full time occupation from being a photographer after he had seen the potential money to be made as an Electrician. He told us that he was always interested in electrics as a school kid and decided it was time to go with his gut instinct.

Almost immediately, Ignas was very quick to compliment the flexibility of our Home Study Electrical Courses as he was overwhelmed at the fact of it being so easy to change career. Naturally, Ignas did his homework before selecting Able Skills as he said 'I checked the reviews online and liked what I read. It made me come and see for myself as I overlooked the facilities and I was really impressed with what i saw'.

He went on to tell us that in only his second week, he has learnt so much that he would 'highly recommend' the course to anyone looking to change career and plans on doing our Level 3 Home Study Electrical Course after. Great stuff Ignas, we look forward to having you! Let's see how such review compares to his Ignas's fellow student, Trevor Reid...

home study electrical coursesHaving read reviews about our Home Study Electrical Courses too, Trevor thought it was time for some further qualifications he can study towards whilst working at the same time. In this case, Trevor had already secured a role on site, but needed to brush up on his specialist skills. As many of us cannot afford to completely quit our current jobs, Trevor praised us on the course stating 'its convenient enough to allow me to work and study at the same time'. 

More specifically, he said the course will take him to the level his current job needs. With Trevor being on his second week like Ignas, he too only had good things to say about not only his learning, but the environment as a whole. Stating the course has an 'energetic learning environment', Trevor also explained how the teaching was of a high standard just like the facilities. He went on to say how in depth the course goes offering 'no shortcuts' and how well it is preparing him for further work in the real world.

Having referred to our independent reviews as, 'an encouraging point' its safe to say our Home Study Electrical Courses ticked all of Trevor's boxes.

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