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Home Study Electrician Course Student Chris Caterall Set For Big Money

home study electrician courseOne on One with Chris Catterall

Today we had a one on one with Home Study Electrician Course student Chris Catterall. When talking with Chris we discussed his future plans which you'll find out below...

But one thing in particular that we are seeing is as an increasing amount of people acknowledging the potential earnings that can be made in the trade, as employment in the industry can reach £156,000+ as reported by several news reports.

Chris knew this was the case as we spoke about the amount of money being thrown at electrics. Let's find out some more information as to why Chris enrolled on one of our Home Study Electrician Courses and how he expects to earn the big bucks.

Which Home Study Course Did You Choose?

I selected the Level 2 Home Study Electrics Course as it allows me to work towards becoming qualified while I still work my regular job. When looking online I really liked the flexibility on offer as I'll be able to earn big money all from doing a course in my spare time while I still get to keep my job.

What do you do at the moment then?

I'm currently working on new build apartments to gain on site experience. This in addition to my level 2 qualification will help put me ahead of the game and where I want to be in the future in terms of income.

Interesting!.. Can you tell us what you enjoy about Electrics the most?

Well other than working with my hands, I really love the fault finding part. It's like a puzzle that I get to solve which brings variety and always keeps me engaged.

home study electrician course

Wow that's a great way of putting it. What were you doing before?

Well I'm actually studying towards a part time Electrical Engineering degree. It's 5 years and it will also compliment this Home Study Electrician Course.

The difference between the two is that this course allows me to really get a glimpse of what the Electrical Industry is like and prepare me for what to expect. Being assigned real life tasks as well as my assessment here is what will really challenge my ability and make me a better Electrician.

Amazing! Where do you hope to take your career next?

The JIB Gold Card! That's what I want to achieve next. I know gaining my Level 3 NVQ and AM2 will put me even further ahead of everyone else. I want to gain more site experience for now and definitely come back here for that.

Even further down the line I want to eventually become self employed and earn the fore-casted £3,000 a week.

electrician trainingWell we're glad you want to come back? May we ask what brought you to Able Skills?

Well I searched your Home Study Electrician Courses online and knowing that I had the opportunity to learn the course material you offer part time definitely turned my head.

Your fair price also swayed me as well as the facilities you have too.

We have seen Chris Electrician Training on his Home Study Electrician Course as pictured above.

You may be after a new opportunity yourself and perhaps a trade you can learn in your spare time. Should the Electrical Industry be a career path that is of interest to you, please click here to find out more about our Home Study Electrician Courses.