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Home Study Plumbing Courses With Jake And Mason!

plumbing courses Able Skills Plumbing Courses Are City & Guilds Accredited

So many people out there have no idea how flexible achieving a City & Guilds Plumbing Qualification can be! Able Skills makes the process easier via our exclusive Home Study Plumbing Courses which are becoming increasingly popular for those who can't afford to give up their day job.

How does keeping your current role and training towards a new career at the same time sound? More often than not, people assume you have to quit your job and allocate 6 consecutive weeks to achieve your Level 2 Plumbing Diploma but that couldn't be any further from the truth with our Home Study Option!

How Does It Work?

In a nutshell, you learn the theory in your own time and undergo four weeks of practical tasks and assessments at our centre. Now these four weeks do not have to be consecutive weeks and can be broken up throughout the year; as and when you can fit them around your current job... Sound flexible? There's more...

Able Skills send students what's called a 'Home Study Pack'. Now this contains absolutely everything you need to know when it comes to learning the theory part of the course. Please note that you only have to book your practical weeks in with us when you feel ready to progress to the next stage allowing you to learn at your own pace with minimal pressure.

Meet Some Current Students!

It's all good telling you about how our Home Study Plumbing Courses work, but why not hear it from the students themselves. Currently on their second week of practical training are students Jake and Mason. We thought it would be a good idea to catch up with the both of them to give you guys an insight as to what you can expect and we even find out their reasons for heading over to Plumbing!

Check Out The Below Real Life Video Review With Mason!


Next Up Is Jake!

So Why Plumbing And How Are You Finding The Course?

Well I've been working in an office based role for quite some time now and I've realised I would love a more hands on role. I want a career that keeps me physically engaged as well as mentally and I'm confident I'm making the right choice.

I know there is a lot of demand for Plumbers on site and this City & Guilds Qualification will even allow me to offer private work when done. I've learnt a lot so far and I'm only on my second practical week. We've got all the tools and equipment needed to learn and I've even got my own private space to practice.

Here's A Short Clip Of Jake Soldering!


Both Jake and Mason have another 2 weeks of practical training and it's great to see students looking to better themselves! We understand dedicating the time to learn something new can be difficult and that's where our Home Study Plumbing Courses come in!

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