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The Home Study students have just finished their first week!

The Level 2 Electrical Home Study course is a fantastic alternative to the standard Level 2 course for practising Electricians that have other commitments.


The home study is the perfect option for people that are looking to start their new career or want a complete change around, but can’t get the time off work to complete a longer course. This course allows you to complete all theory based learning and work in our own time at home and then you will come in for four weeks of practical training and exams that can be broken up into one week blocks to suit your availability.

At Able Skills this is a very popular option amongst our students as some people have said they have found it a lot easier learning at their own speed and in their own time. Many have also found that it fits perfectly around their working life and the breakdown of payments makes it easy to afford the course over a longer period that suits their schedule.

We have recently spoke to three home study students that have just completed their first week of practical training.

Homestudy1 Matthew was on of many home study students.

Matthew was the first practising Electrician I spoke to and he was very happy with the learning plan. He decided to take an electrical course as he was offered a job as a maintenance engineer and he didn’t want to turn down a great opportunity. Matthew has really liked the flexibility of payments and training as he is still working to fund for the course. Also, Matthew is a slow learner, so he found it much easier doing the theory work in his own time and he found it good going over things multiple times.

homestudy2 Edward looks like he enjoyed his first week of practical training.

Edward was next and he likes the idea of the home study and as he couldn’t get a place quick enough on the standard level 2 course, he thought this was the best option and he has been working as a labourer with Electricians for a while and he now wants to get a qualification to complete his own work.

homestudy3 Dan was hard at work all week.

Dan was the final student I spoke to and he is already working full time in security. He is now looking for a change and a career as an Electrician really interested him and he saw it as a way of increasing his income. The home study option was perfect for him, as he could continue to work and fund the course so it suited him really well. He will now look for a full time job somewhere as an Electrician after the course.

If you would like a change of career and you like the flexibility of the home study learning pattern, please contact us today on 01322 280202.