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How Bad Is Your Area For Boiler Breakdowns?

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At some point in our lives the chances are our boiler will at some point breakdown. Maybe in the winter, or maybe at another point, but we need to make sure we're keeping our boiler in good nick. Today's topic of discussion is where in the UK boiler breakdowns are most common. How does your area compare to the results and are you surprised?

Why Did They Do The Study In The First Place And What Were The Results?

Surprise surprise, the winner for the most amount of boiler breakdowns in the UK goes to... LONDON! The results were taken from a study that has been taken place for the past 10 years by a national boiler repair specialist. Being the capital of London and being highly populated, can you imagine the amount of money Gas Engineers make from offering Boiler Fault Finding as an additional service?!

It's all an attempt to encourage home owners to make sure they are checking their boilers regularly to prevent any hazardous situations. The results show that 6.1% of London properties have experienced the negative side effects of a boiler breakdown.

What About The Rest Of The Country?

The West Midlands came in at 6% followed by the North East at 5.6%. Stats like these clearly show people in the country need to take special care of their boiler systems, especially if they have young families.  At the other end of the scale, boilers were least likely to break down in Yorkshire, 4.3%, ahead of Scotland, 4.4%, and the North West, 4.8%.

Commenting on the results, founder of Boiler Guide, David Holmes, said:

London is synonymous with having an abundance of ‘older’ residential and commercial properties, with many containing older heating systems that are in dire need of repair. Couple these with the higher occupancy rates and the dense population of the region, the strain put on boilers and other home heating systems is hard to ignore.

“It’s likely that the temperature in each region will also have an impact on the final figures. While London is, on average, one of the warmest areas of the UK, this also means that boilers are switched off and left dormant for longer periods throughout the spring and summer, which is when more repair issues can occur.

While the cost for the repairs or replacement of a boiler is the responsibility of the homeowner or landlord, tenants should keep an eye out for the signs and symptoms of a faulty boiler. A boiler that is performing to its full potential will not only create a warmer, cosier home to live in, but it can also reduce energy costs by hundreds of pounds a year for residents.

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Look's like there's a lot of room for Gas Engineers to help homeowners eliminate any heating problems they may have. Prevention is better than cure and if you look after your boiler, i.e get it serviced regularly, than you could save yourself a lot of hassle in the long run.

Just a reminder...please make sure the Gas Engineer you hire is Gas Safe Registered and has undergone all essential Gas Training Courses and other Gas Courses like a Boiler Fault Finding Course.