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Gas Training Courses at Able Skills

Whenever undergoing Gas Training Courses, one thing we look to secure is a brighter future. No matter which course you enroll onto here at Able Skills, it's safe to say that our courses offer great prospects! Being the UK's leading training provider for several years, many employers have heard of the training we provide which usually allows students to not only work throughout the UK, but also enable students to work overseas should they want to.

What does Steven do at the moment?

Steven is currently working as a school caretaker and is looking to undergo Gas Training Courses to pursue his goal of becoming a Gas Safe Registered Engineer. His initial interest in the trade came about after he was speaking to one of his friends who had previously trained here at Able Skills. Just like his friend, Steven chose the New Entrants Gas Training Package 3 after he was told the benefits of doing the Boiler Fault Finding Course and not having to worry about finding a company to do his Gas Portfolio with.

Luckily Able Skills can guarantee students a portfolio placement with a company called Boiler Medic. This eliminates alot of time and stress having to find a company to take you on. Not only does this package include your ACS Exams (essential to registering with Gas Safe), but it also includes a Boiler Fault Finding Course! Such course is useful for those that want to work on boilers as this proves to help gas engineers find even more work.

But why Gas Training Courses?

Steven told us that his friend has done very well for himself over the past 2 years and is even looking to put a deposit down on a house. He's seen him go from strength to strength and even has plans of going self employed together with aspirations of starting up their own company. He said:

gas training courses

Able Skills Gas Training Courses are Bpec Approved

"obviously money was a major factor when looking to do something else. I'm a very hands on type of guy and it's safe to say i'll be earning more money as a Gas Engineer than a caretaker. I look forward to going self employed in the future"

We see this more and more at Able Skills - students want something they will enjoy and can still earn them good money. Gas Training Courses here prove to be very popular and there's a reason why we get students from all over the country to come and train with us!

If you would like to find out a bit more about the New Entrants Gas Training Package 3, please click here. For more options including other Gas Training Courses, please click here for an extensive list. Please bear in mind that if you hold previous plumbing qualifications, then you immediately qualify for our various Qualified Plumber Gas Training!