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How The Boiler Fault Finding Course Landed Glen More Work!

gas courses The Boiler Fault Finding Course in Action

The Boiler Fault Finding Course has been known to land students a lot more jobs upon completion. The main reason for this is entirely down to the contents of the course and how it shows students to work on boilers in terms of boiler maintenance, fault finding and repair. Making up an important part, holding the skill to diagnose boiler breakdowns can land you a great number of jobs especially over the winter season. Being one of the Gas Courses former student Glen Firth enrolled on, he recently got in contact with us just to give us a special thank you and how he made plenty more than his money back on the course!

Glen told us that after completing the course back in November, his December and January was filled up with boiler breakdowns! Glen began his Boiler Fault Finding Course shortly after completing his Qualified Plumber Gas Training Course and he's seen what difference an extra skill can make.

Here's how the Boiler Fault Finding Course looks. The Course also including Wiring and Heating Controls:

gas training coursesBoiler Fault Finding:

  • Multimeter training
  • Electrical Safety tests
  • Testing pumps
  • Testing switches
  • Testing fans
  • Fan switches
  • Temperature sensors and stats
  • Diverter Valves
  • Domestic Heat Exchangers
  • Expansion Vessels

Wiring & Heating Controls:

  • 3 Port 2 Port rigs
  • Frost Protection
  • S.I. Programmers
  • Zone Valves
  • Sequence of Wiring
  • Fault Finding

Here's what Glen had to say about his Gas Courses and how the past few months have been for him work wise

gas courses Able Skills Gas Courses are Bpec Approved

Well I lined up work for myself through a friend who had undergone your Gas Courses a couple of years ago. He registered with Gas Safe and has been working for himself for quite some time now and i've been working with him since I finished my training.

I honestly can't thank you guys enough as not only has the Gas Safety Training helped me find work on site, but the boiler fault finding course allowed me to add it to my skill set and even find work around my usual day work. I met alot of people here and there through working for my friend and I told people that if they ever had any problems with their boiler, to give me a call. And before I knew it, my December and January stayed busy earning me my biggest months money wise! I was able to charge extra with the jobs essentially being call outs i'm not thinking to do another course from anther trade.

Now the Boiler Fault Finding Course is proving very popular amongst our Gas Courses here at Able Skills and should you wish to check availability, please click here.

In the mean time, check out our video below of a Boiler Fault Finding Course in action!