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The Gas Safe Register

We often hear about rogue traders conning the innocent out of hundreds or thousands of pounds when undergoing faulty work. We've seen it on tv and we've also read about it online. Whether it was the Able Skills Blog or other news sites, the fact is that the number of incidents seems far too high for one reason or another.

We tend to hear about rogue Gas Engineers more than other trades as faulty gas work can really cost the public their lives. We made sure you guys heard about the various rogue Gas Engineers on our blog to help deter such wrong doings in the future. It also helps the public become more aware of such news so they can be more vigilant and more clued up about how to avoid such situation in the first place.

Our tips included making sure you know exactly what Gas Training Courses and Qualifications one must have in order to legally carry out gas work. However, the sad reality is, someone always seems to get away with it which brings us to today's blog:

How To Report An Illegal Gas Fitter!

Once the damage is done, you must get the ball rolling and find out how you can reverse the faulty gas work, as well making sure you receive compensation for being exposed to such dangers. The question is, do you actually know how to report an illegal gas fitter? No? maybe you know someone who does? Not good enough. You should make sure you know yourself!

If you didn't already know, The Gas Safe Register holds an official list of all qualified Gas Engineers in your area who are LEGALLY capable of undergoing gas work. You can report an illegal gas fitter on their website and even make a complaint about a Gas Safe Registered Business should you not be satisfied even with an official Gas Engineer.

What Are The facts?

As taken from the Gas Safe Register themselves:

  • Approximately two thirds of illegal gas work inspected by the Register has been found to be unsafe.
  • Using an illegal gas worker could invalidate the warranty on your boiler and may invalidate your home insurance.
  • If you have any information on businesses or individuals carrying out illegal gas work, you can report them.

The Gas Safe Register do state that when making a complaint or report, it doesn't have to be your own property you want them to inspect. This means that if you have any indication that there has been some form of illegal or sub standard gas work going on that you know of, feel free to let them know.

What Else Do I Need To Know?

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Able Skills Gas Training Courses are Bpec Accredited

Well in order to become an official Gas Engineer, you need to have undergone official Gas Training Courses which give you real qualifications such as a Bpec Approved Gas Course. If you want to quiz your Gas Engineer before actually hiring them, feel free to see an extensive list of Gas Training Courses here!

So remember, be vigilant, ask questions and make sure they're truly qualified!