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How to thread low carbon steel pipe

New plumbing and gas instructor, Bob has really fitted in well at Able Skills and he has got straight into action with his plumbing students.

He has a very good bond with his students and he makes sure they all get the maximum from the course. They all have high praise for Bob and Del who take them through the short plumbing courses.

Bob was giving a demonstration on how to thread low carbon steel pipe and he was more than happy to share his knowledge with everyone else.

All the students are very happy with all the knowledge they have gained from their course and this demonstration just shows exactly why they are all very happy with the training they received at Able Skills.

A lot of our short course plumbing students end up returning to Able Skills to complete the full qualification plumbing courses or begin their gas training. Some people even complete both and kick start their new career within the plumbing and gas industry.

Here is the demonstration on how to thread low carbon steel pipe. This is just the beginning stages of how to prepare and start cutting the thread into the pipe.

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