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Huge Variety Of Plumbing Courses!

plumbing coursesSimply put, we like to keep your options open! With a huge variety of Plumbing Courses on offer to students, we continue to provide training excellence from our centre in Dartford, Kent. Today we'll talk about the different Plumbing Courses available to students which include to different routes to gaining your desired job whether you're completely new, an experience Plumber or even looking for an Introduction. Let's begin...

The Introduction to Plumbing Course

The Introduction to Plumbing Course offers students exactly what it says it does. It's an especially designed short intensive course aimed at those who want to get a better feel for what plumbing is all about, before enrolling onto a more in depth Plumbing Course. In 5 days, students will gain a City & Guilds Certificate and look at the following:

  • Plumbing systems and fittings
  • Soldering techniques
  • Jointing, bending and pressure testing copper tube
  • Dealing with valves, taps, cisterns
  • Plumbing pipework

The Level 2 Plumbing Course

Here is a course that is ideal if you're completely new to the industry or even hold a some experience. Ran over a 6 week full time period (please note we do offer a part time options too), students will be able to find work on site or even their own work after successfully passing the course. Covering a great range of material, this really has produced a perfect in depth course for anyone looking to get stuck into the world of plumbing!

The Level 2 Plumbing Course For Experienced Plumbers

We even offer a Level 2 qualification for those who are experienced plumbers but do not hold formal qualifications. To get going on such course, we require evidence of 3 years worth of experience and for you to undertake some home study of yourself to prepare you for computer based exams at our centre. Your practical skills are of course assessed at our centre too!

Home Study Level 2 Plumbing Course

This gives students the potential to gain the same Level 2 Plumbing Qualification as students on the full time option! The main advantage of this course is obviously that it allows students an even better work/ training/ life balance. Here's how it works... you guys will receive a home study pack and are expected to learn the theory in your own time and

plumbing courses Able Skills Plumbing Courses are City & Guilds Accredited

when you feel ready to do so, book in your practical training. Students will only be at the centre for a maximum of 4 weeks in total as opposed to the full time option of 6 weeks. What's even better is that you can book the 4 weeks in individual weeks so you can book time off work as and when you need it!

Follow On courses...

Don't forget that if you hold existing Plumbing Qualifications through courses like the above, you qualify for the Qualified Plumber Gas Training Course! Undergoing Gas Training Courses is a common step for Plumbers and with the potential money up for grabs, it's no wonder why!

If you would like even more information and a FULL LIST of the Plumbing Courses we offer, please click here.