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If you're planning to emmigrate and work abroad, then NVQs can still be OK for you to use!

But you do need to double-check first! In popular destination countries like Australia and New Zealand, the regulatory bodies will have their own official certificated qualifications that are mostly accepted and broadly recognised as equivalent to the UK's City & Guild NVQ at the appropriate Grade, in their officially listed trade occupations.However, you will also need to obtain a sufficient number of 'points', given according to their basic requirements list. For example, if you have relatives or a confirmed job offer, then you rack up a lot of extra points.

If you have already started waxing down your surfboard and thinking of 'rooburgers' then in Australia , migrants today fall into two main categories for a place in the Migration Program: half the 70,000 places each year go to skilled migrants as Australia seeks those who have skills and qualifications to improve the Australian society and economy. Having NVQ training qualifications in a specialised construction trade skill, you do score highly again.

Be aware that it can be difficult to find out exactly which qualifications match up in some parts of the world as a different part of a country may have different certification standards and their own training programs. Often you will have to enquire first with official skilled trade bodies and organisations in the country itself.

Remember, that applications for visas, work permits and possible examinations can take many months so it's always worthwhile checking to find out the time scales involved and plan your training well in advance. You may also be required to show evidence of at least one years exerience after qualifying to work at your trade and the more proven experience gained, then the more 'points' you earn!

But it is reassuring to know that your trade skills training can be made good use of, both here in the UK and many other places around the world. You can find out and download more information on Emmigration to Australia, New Zealand and Canadaon the AbleSkills site.