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Don’t fall to the hands of illegal Gas Work!

This week is Gas Safety Week 2018 and Gas Safe are dedicating each day to a different theme to raise awareness of the importance of Gas Safety. Today’s theme is the importance of having a Gas Safe Registered Engineer completing your gas work rather than the ‘illegals’. These are those that complete gas safe work without having the correct skills or qualifications and carry out work unsafely and illegally.

Unsafe gas work can have more effects than just extra money being forked out for more work. Gas kills and people carrying out unsafe gas work on appliances in people’s homes are putting them at risk. It can cause, gas leaks, carbon monoxide poisoning, fires and explosions. There is a lot more to just installing a Boiler and this is why only a Gas Safe Registered Engineer should be completing gas work.

Many people will be unaware of the dangers gas can bring and that ‘Gas Engineers’ have to be Gas Safe Registered. This is why Gas Safety Week is so important to prevent unsafe gas work across the UK and to make people more aware of the dangers it can bring. Over the past few years Gas Safe have been really cracking down on illegally Gas Work and many people completing such work has been given heavy fines and even prison sentences.

Here at Able Skills, we take pride in our Gas Training Courses and we make sure every student is getting the right training and that they are all capable of completing gas work safely and correctly. Doing gas work right and safely is so important that’s why Gas Safe is so important as they have a register of all the Gas Safe Registered Engineers in the UK. Our instructors have years’ worth of experience in the industry and will give every student the best possible training out there.

This week we have been raising awareness on Gas Safety and you can see all our news here: Gas Safety Week

Watch our new group of Gas students as they begin their journeys to becoming Gas Safe.