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18th Edition Course Training At Your Own Place Of Work!

18th edition course An 18th Edition Class at Able Skills

That's right. The 18th Edition Course is now available for in house training as Ableskills will take your company on the 3 day course in your own premises! We'll send out an experienced instructor to deliver the training at your company's place of work saving you the time to come to us! Here's how the new mobile training can work for you!


Obviously the first point is the fact that you and your team won't have to come to our centre to officially hold the latest wiring regulations under your belt! We'll do the travelling for you and deliver the expert training at your own work place making you feel right at home!

Everyone Trains Together At Once!

Getting your entire company trained at the same time means everyone will be on the same page and receive the latest training all at once. Generally, if you're training with people you work with on a daily basis, then you'll be able to remind each other of the training at a later date when you're back working on site!

An Instructor Entirely For You!

18th edition course An 18th Edition Course Pack at Able Skills

Our instructors will be entirely dedicated to making sure you and your team successfully pass the course as you will receive their undivided attention and will be able to answer any questions you have that are directly related to the type of work you do! Having an in house electrical instructor is always handy hey!

Let's not forget that the 18th Edition Course is essential for anyone looking to carry out electrical installations for work. Without such qualifications, those who work with electrics will quite simply, lose out on money. For the sake of a 3 day course, can you really afford to miss out on big jobs? Probably not...

If you would like to find out more about the In House 18th Edition Course Training, please call us on 0808 100 3245. Please click here for the low down on what the 18th Edition Course covers!