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The construction industry seems to be growing from strength to strength as the latest figures tells us that the Plumbing industry has  received a major increase in earnings just last month.

The news comes at a time of uncertainty with many stories in the national news confusing people as to where their future lies. We hear about Brexit and an unstable economy amongst many other things, all putting us in a place of worry rather than positivity. But today we have news to share that will definitely keep your head up!

How Good Is It Looking Then?

Data released by Hudson Contract, tells us that June's payroll data for over two thousands companies across England and Wales reflects an increase in weekly earning for Plumbers of 4.7%! Just how much is that though? An increase of this amount equates to an average pay of £1,132 and nearly £60,000 a year!

How Does This Compare To Last Year?

Good question. After all, June may have been a good month but is there sign of a gradual increase over time? The answer is yes. Earning in June 2019 compared to June 2018 shows a 4.3% difference which strongly implies a growing demand for Plumbing jobs!

Which Areas Saw The Highest Increase?

The report states that Plumbers in Yorkshire and Humber had received the highest increase in earnings and they're some pretty impressive figures to say the least! The two northern areas had an increase of 17.8% compared to last year placing their weekly earnings at £734 on average. How many jobs do you know that could see you earning that sort of money? Not many right? Well following closely behind Yorkshire and Humber is Wales with a reported weekly salary of £1,004! (9.5% increase compared to last year) Again, how many jobs do you know of that can see you earning that much per week?

Where Was The Highest Reported Salary?

In the report given by Hudson Contract, it was east England where Plumbers seem to be in such demand that they're getting paid a salary of nearly £70,000 a year which works out at £1,336 a week! With such impressive figures, it was only right for their managing director to give a few words.

Here's What Ian Anfield, Managing Director of Hudson Contract Had To Say:

plumbing courses

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“Plumbing remains one of the most sought-after trades and skilled contractors earned an average of £1,132 per week in June, which is a great advertisement for young people who want to learn the trade, be their own boss and enjoy the rewards of being a valued supplier.

“Looking ahead, pent-up demand for new housing and the necessary plumbing work will ensure that demand remains strong for skilled plumbers.”

As a construction training course provider, we couldn't agree more with what Ian had to say. We see over 200 students train in our facilities on any given week and when you put that into perspective, Able Skills are doing one hell of a job when it comes to making sure our country doesn't suffer from a shortage of skills.

We're over the moon to see students realising just how much demand there is for Plumbers and that is certainly reflected in the students enrolling onto our various Plumbing Courses. These include our 5 Day Intro Course, the City & Guilds Level 2 Plumbing Diploma, Our Home Study Plumbing Level 2 Course and all the way up to the NVQ Level 2 Plumbing Qualification.

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