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Installing home smart monitors 'will impact behaviour'

Those hoping to enrol on an electrical training course in the near future might be interested to read that home smart monitors could have an immediate impact on the energy consumption of homeowners, one construction expert has claimed.

Geoff Manaugh, who is the editor of BLDGBLOG and a senior editor at Dwell magazine, said that he is a firm believer in home smart monitors, through which homeowners can receive direct and immediate feedback about their energy use and its cost.

His comments follow the news that Andy Stanford-Clark, one of IBM's "master inventors", has outfitted his house with a range of sensors and feedback systems to better understand his own energy consumption.

He estimates that a similar monitoring system could be set up by homeowners for as little as £150.

"It's like an electrical Weight Watchers programme, where the points you count each night are actually carbon dioxide," stated Mr Manaugh.