Interested in taking on Carpentry training courses?


Here at our training centre, we are one of the only facilities that offer a full range of trades. What we mean by this is whether you are looking to become a bricklayer or an electrician we have training options available, each taught by instructors who are experts in their trade. Carpentry is no different, we have carpentry courses available for those who have little to no experience all the way to advanced joinery courses and NVQs! This week in our busy carpentry centre our students are getting stuck in with some hands-on experience at a social distance as you can see below...


Want to get started?


So, you want to get started with learning the trade of carpentry...We have many different courses and qualifications on offer, the course you should take really depends on what you are looking to achieve through training. For example, if you are looking to learn the trade and be prepared for on-site work then you should be looking at our 8-week NVQ Level 2 Carpentry Course - This course combines a City & Guilds qualification with a vocational qualification, both teaching you the trade and then testing your ability and competence allowing you to go on and begin working on-site.


However, if you are simply looking to learn the basics of carpentry and gain some DIY skills to take on your own projects at home then the Introduction to Carpentry course is perfect for that. The course is 5-days long and even results in a City and Guilds certificate at the end. This is because we are an accredited centre that has been shown to provide a high-quality of training. We take pride in our training courses and we are always looking to improve, one way that we do this is through gaining feedback from our students, take a look below at some comments left by our recent students...



"The instructors were excellent and were always giving advice on how to improve and having experience on the job - What pitfalls to look out for - Outstanding knowledge of the trade. I have progressed really well and feel that i'm now at a much higher quality of work and it's raised expectations of my own work and standards I set for myself. The course was a good eye opener to what is expected from you on-site and general criteria for work of this kind. Thanks!"

- I Blyth 


"This course contains everything that I expected to learn! The instructors were very good at delivering the information and showing how to carry out the different tasks throughout the course, we covered a huge amount of topics. From having very minimal knowledge of carpentry at all before starting I can surely say that I am well on the way to understanding the fundamentals."

- N Ferarrio 


More Information:


To contact us regarding our range of Carpentry courses or any of the training that we offer, give us a call on 0808 100 3245! We can help you choose the best course for you, answer questions and provide advice. You are also completely welcome to come to our centre to talk with a member of our office team in person. No need for an appointment or even to call ahead, just come visit us during opening hours. Our office and training centre is open 7-days a week between the hours of 8:30 - 16:30! Whether you want to ask questions or get booked onto a course we are here to assist you.




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