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Today we will be looking an some interesting statistics surrounding the world of plumbing...Are you interested in becoming a plumber? Well, you're in luck, here at Able Skills we have been teaching the trade via our plumbing courses for over 10+ years! We know what it takes to go from novice to professional working out in the industry. We recommend our City & Guilds Level 2 Plumbing Course - This course is the ultimate starting point for an aspiring plumber and will provide you with the fundamentals, starting with the very basics and progress to a comprehensive understanding of domestic plumbing covering both theory and practical to enable you to work successfully as a Plumber. - If you are interested in becoming a plumber then these following statistics may entice you and give you further insight into the trade as a whole...


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Plumbers are happy!


Firstly, a statistic that may surprise some...Plumbers are supposedly the happiest tradespeople, compared to any other construction trade or technical skill, they rank number one on the happiness scale. According to this study 55% of plumbers said they were ‘very happy’ in life. This puts them way ahead in the happiness index among tradesmen and women. Something else in this particular study that is also interesting is that plumbers ranked highly in the survey for quality of sleep and physical activity. Which means that plumbers are getting a good amount of physical exercise on the job and are sleeping the desired amount this could be due to long tiring hours or simply these workers experience little stress, obviously this will vary depending on the individual but is great to see that plumbers are content in their careers overall.

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People respect Plumbers?


According to a different survey people think highly of plumbing as a whole and the skills that come along with that. According to the nationwide poll of 2,000 adults, plumbing skills attract more admiration than any other skill, especially from women and over-55s...Researchers asked 1,022 women and 978 men to rank a range of skills for impressiveness, using a scale of one to ten, with ten being ‘extremely impressive’. The ability to fix a leak is the skill we admire most, with 37% of UK residents giving it top marks and 68% giving it a mark of seven out of ten or higher for impressiveness.

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What about the skills gap?


The skills gap is something that is on the minds of everybody working in the construction industry and trades in general. However, at this current moment in time there is no downside from the perspective of the aspiring plumber, in fact, there is such a demand due to the lack of skilled workers that plumbers are seeing huge wage increases! Research shows that over half (56%) of respondents stated that the skills gap is the biggest threat facing the plumbing industry today. However, more than four fifths (86%) of plumbing professionals would still recommend it as a career, thanks to an abundance of work and high job satisfaction.

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How do I get involved?


Interested in plumbing but want a taster? If you are interested in the trade of plumbing but have no real experience then you may want to consider first taking on our Introduction to Plumbing course - It will give you the fundamentals and an opportunity to know if the trade is for you! There is no reason for jumping headfirst into a 6-week course only to find out that you are not that interested after all. This short intensive course is ideal for those of you who want some basic introductory plumbing skills with a City and Guilds certificate at the end.


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