In the last year and a half as the world has adapted to the Covid-19 Pandemic. For some this has been ideal as they have been able to spend time with family and focus on things that they did not have time to do. However, for others, it has been far from ideal. For some, it has resulted in them being made redundant. For others, it has allowed them to re-think their career.

A Totaljobs survey during the Pandemic found that 1 in every 5 people polled were using their free time to research a new career. With so many people now considering a new career maybe you should give an Electrician role a second thought.

Why Get Into The Electrical Industry?

There are so many benefits to becoming an Electrician, and now may be the best time to learn your skills! With social restrictions hopefully drawing to a close this month, there will be a huge demand for qualified Electricians! 

One of the perks of a career as an Electrician would be that there will always be a demand for their services. As long as we rely on electricity to power our homes there will always be a demand for Electricians. This means that an Electricians' salary is attractive with the average UK Electrician being paid £33,100 per year. The demand for Electricians over the next five years is going to rise again. Stats show the Electrical Industry will need an additional 10,000 Electricians in the next 5 years. This will result in a lot more opportunities for earning! 

The role of an Electrician will always provide you with a variety of work whether that be the location or the type of work you are completing. No two days are ever the same! Every day will provide a new challenge and you will love the sense of achievement when you overcome a task. And as technology in the industry progresses over time you will always be learning as you look to adapt your skills and knowledge to any new technology that you come into contact with. 

A large number of our students are here because they dream of being their own boss! With so many of our students making the switch from a 9-5 office role where they have spent their entire professional life taking orders from those above, the idea of being your own boss is a massive motivating factor for our students. By following our industry recognised path you will be able to make your working hours as well as choosing the type of work you complete. 

How Can Able Skills Help?

We have a variety of Electrical Courses, so no matter your level of skill there is a place for you! The ideal starting block for you would be our City & Guilds Level 2 Electrical Course. If you would like to know what this course is like please see the above video.

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