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Isle of Skye to Dartford for Chris & our Bricklaying Courses!

bricklaying courses Just some of the work Chris completed on our Bricklaying Courses.

Today we sit down with Chris West, who has just finished an 8-week City & Guilds NVQ Bricklaying course to find out why at this stage in his career he’s decided to retrain and how he found his time on our Bricklaying Courses.

“Ever since I was a child, I had always wanted to be a Bricklayer, but it never really materialised, and I ended up getting a job in Television working behind the scenes with the BBC and then later on Sky. Whilst working in TV, I met my wife who was a book binder and I have been working with her in that industry for the last few years.

When the recession hit in 2008 I started to think about retraining and getting a trade under my belt and then with Brexit happening I decided that this was the right time to gain a qualification so I had something to fall back on and gain some skills that would be transferable. Being located in the Isle of Skye I was ideally looking for a course in Scotland but could not find the right course for me, either they were multi trade based or they would be over a period of a year or two and I wanted something more intensive. After some research online I found Able Skills and the detail on the website was very comprehensive. John & Julian were fantastic teachers, each with their own style and approach, there was a pleasant atmosphere within the centre.

Another positive was the fact I could also stay in your accommodation which is well priced also made the course a viable option. As you can appreciate It was quite a big gamble coming all that way for a course, but I can say I thoroughly enjoyed it even at times when it was challenging, I would recommend it to anybody looking at retraining as a bricklayer.”

You could be just like Chris and train with us to completely change your career. For more information on all our Bricklaying Courses, call 0808 100 3245.

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