Let's take a look at the ways you can complete an 18th Edition course:


This week we had plenty of students completing their 18th edition course successfully, they can now legally carry out electrical installations out on-site whether it's for their own company or for the firm they work for...Everybody who works in the world of electrics needs to become familiar with the layout, content and application of the latest wiring regulations. Here at Able Skills, we have dedicated classrooms for teaching this subject and our instructors have become experts on the subject - they have years of experience both teaching and working on in the industry!


18th edition courses

The 18th Edition Course and Electrician Training at Able Skills


Next week will be no different as we are hosting yet another set of 18th edition courses for candidates, this is a legal requirement for everybody that carries out electrical work no matter what line of work they are in that is why the course is so popular. Our course here at Able Skills is 3-days in total and aims to take a more simple perspective with the book itself, learning how to apply the regulations in a comprehensive manner!

We also offer a 1-day refresher course or 18th Edition Update Course for those of you that are familiar with the older wiring regulations - 17th edition. This one-day course will cover the changes introduced by the 18th Edition followed by practice questions and then the full 60-question on-line exam that will need to be completed in our exam room here at our centre!

Company bookings? 


We do also offer company bookings...This is obviously an essential aspect of working within electrics, we are proud to help our students get up to date with the latest issue of the wiring regulations. We cater for group sessions meaning if a group of you at a company, for example, all need to become familiar with the 18th edition. We will host a classroom just for your group. We know that people find it easier to learn in the company of people they know.

Yes! That is right a dedicated classroom for you and your group taught by one of our expert instructors! When speaking to students on this course, they've told us they prefer this option because it means the whole team progresses at the same time...Working together is always fun so why not take advantage and learn something that could be seen as dull such as the latest wiring regulations and come as a group? Find out more about this option by getting in contact with a representative in our office!

Weekend training? 


We, of course, know the difficulties of a busy life and understand that people cannot simply take 3-days away from work or other prior arrangements, so we have devices weekend 18th edition courses that run from Friday - Sunday to hopefully cater for those people who simply cannot find the spare time.

More Details:


If you would like some more information about any of the electrical course or indeed our 18th edition courses, then do not hesitate to get into contact with us...you can do this in a few ways. Firstly, call 0808 100 3245 or simply email [email protected] with any questions. If you would like to take a look around our training centre, then you are welcome to do so; come on down to our office, which is located in the middle of our centre - a member of staff will be happy to show you our facilities, answer questions and advise you on whatever it is you are looking for!

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