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Japan in need of more Plumbing Training after World Cup?

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Many of us have been glued to the TV recently as the long anticipated World Cup has officially began. Countries world wide battle it out to win the prestigious trophy and just like everywhere else in the world, we support our country like ever before. In fact, support has proved so strong over in Japan that funnily enough, their die hard approach has even caused the need for better Plumbing Training! How? Read on to find out more....

As you know, it always seems as if the whole world stands still when your country plays. Going to the loo at half time is a regular occurrence for many but as the whole of Japan came back to life during the 15 minute interval, it actually lead to a potential plumbing disaster as millions tried to rush back in time for the second half.

Such rush happened during Japan's intense game with Colombia which saw them win 2-1. This was the first time Japan had won a World Cup game on European soil, and the first time they had beaten a side from South America at the tournament.

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The toilet rush sparking further plumbing training to handle future games resulted in a boost in water use of 24% in Tokyo as reported by The Japan Times. The city's waterworks bureau commented,

“We presume it’s because a lot of people holding off on a trip to the bathroom all went at once. Water use can fluctuate, especially during football matches, which only have one break in the middle,” she added. It also can be affected by a period of time, excitement and other factors.”

After holding their excitement for the game, water usage even saw another 50% boost as fans made a final trip to the toilet causing strain on their plumbing systems.

Just goes to show how powerful the sport of football can be. Luckily no major damage was caused if they would like a list of relevant Plumbing Training Courses, they can be found here!

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