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JIB/ECS Experienced Worker Cards with Able Skills

JIB/ECS Experienced Worker Cards with Able Skills

Experienced Worker 

White with brown stripe

JIB Experienced Worker ECS Card

Card Information

The Experienced Worker (with brown stripe) card is issued to applicants that have a formally recognised technical certificate and/or 5 years provable electrical installation experience but not yet achieved NVQ level 3 - the full industry qualification.

This card will only be valid for 18 months and cannot be renewed. This is to reflect that fact that the card is only issued to people who need to complete the formal industry qualification (NVQ including AM2)

The formal industry qualifications (NVQ) must be obtained during the life of the card.

Able Skills is a JIB Registered Provider which allows for you to come to us to sit the ECS test and we can also submit your application for this Experienced Worker card however, you will need to be registered for NVQ with Able Skills in order to access this card.

Why should you apply?

If you are seeking a JIB card to ensure that you gain access to site work, there are a variety of cards which you may qualify for depending on the qualifications that you hold. If you have not achieved NVQ then you will not gain access to a JIB Gold Card; it is more likely that you will be given a Labourers card or maybe a Trainee staged card which is graded according to the qualifications you hold. Whilst these cards ensure access to work, potentially the Experienced Worker card can gain you access to improved pay rates. The restriction of 18 months for this card will effectively force you to achieve the NVQ in the allocated time, knowing that you will then be eligible for a Gold Card.

 Who Should Apply:

People working in the industry with a formally recognised technical certificate and/or 5 years electrical installation experience – which we will need to validate along with a professional profiling session.

For further information, please contact Angela Wright at Able Skills on 01322 280202