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'Jobs for the Girls' want more women to become Electricians

The Jobs for the Girls campaign is working with the NICEIC. and their aim is to get more women working in the electrical contracting industry. They work with many ambassadors that are NICEIC registered and currently out there working successfully in the electrical industry.

Their aim to get more women working in the electrical industry has made a change to how women approach the industry. More women have recently joint the industry, however, Jobs for the Girls has reported that still only one in every 1000 electrical contractors are female.

Numbers of women in the trade industry are really low, so Jobs for the Girls has joint up with the NICEIC to help encourage more women and young girls to take a different career path to the norm and become Electricians.

Netti Netti spent nearly two years at Able Skills completing every possible electrical course and is now out their working successfully as an Electrician.

At Able Skills we have had many women come and train to be Electricians and they have all been very successful. They are now out there working in the industry and making a very good career out of it. However, it is still a massively male dominated industry but, slowly but surely this is changing and more women are seeking the opportunities out there to become Electricians.

Our courses allow someone to start as a complete beginner and work their way up to leaving Able Skills as a fully qualified Electrician. Women should no longer shy away from the trade industry as it is a much more multi-gender profession and the opportunities are out there for women to be successful.

Together in partnership Jobs for the Girls and the NICEIC plan to highlight all the exciting opportunities for women to join the electrical industry and not be scared to start a different and new career.

Able Skills have a Level 2 Electrical course starting as soon as September, you can book now and be one of many women now looking to join the electrical industry. Just contact 01322 280202 today for more information.