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LadderLimb proving its worth as a valuable piece of kit

LadderLimb, the award-winning manufacturer of the sought-after handy ladder tool, has said that they will be adding exciting new features to their range in 2013.

The LadderLimb has been dubbed a workman’s “third hand on the ladder” can be clipped into the hollow ends of rungs on most modern ladders, providing a hook or perch for tools, bags, buckets and anything else that frees up busy tradesmen’s hands while working at height.

Just last month, the LadderLimb was named Best Tool Product in the Totally DIY New Product Awards, and last year won the Gold Hand Tool of the Year at the DIY Week Awards 2012.

The tool’s manufacturers have said that orders for the rubberised limbs are continuing to flourish and they are working on enhancing the already innovative design.

The tool serves to provide three points of contact for workmen, allowing them greater safety. It can fit into left or right hand ladder rungs, making it easy for both right and left-handed people to use it and has a sprung clasp at the end of the hand grip, for securing whatever is hung from the limb.

A LadderLimb spokesman said: “The versatile LadderLimb makes so many tasks so much easier, whether it's cleaning out gutters, washing the caravan, pointing or repainting the house, cleaning your windows or pruning trees and bushes... your customers will wonder how they ever managed without one!”